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Stitched Photos

Finally got round to creating some stitched photos from some recent trips. Created using the brilliant free program Hugin. Here is a massive stitched photo of the Swiss Alps. Follow the link to see the amount of detail. Another stitched photo from Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland. The horizon on this one is a little off kilter…

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The Pigman Wraps & Editing Begins

The Pigman wraps after being shot over 5 days. Filming began 12th May and wrapped on the 16th May. It was a great little shoot and now the hard part of editing begins. Check out the photos on the Facebook page [fbalbum url=]

Crew Call

Short film with small cast & crew, filming 3/4 days between 11th ~ 17th May 2015. Filming will take place in Rostrevor, Co. Down in the village and also at a location up in the Mourne Mountains. Catering will be provided and accommodation if needed. More jobs may be posted here in future so please…

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