Author: Rik

Stitched Photos

Finally got round to creating some stitched photos from some recent trips. Created using the brilliant free program Hugin. Here is a massive stitched photo of the Swiss Alps. Follow the link to see the amount of detail. Another stitched photo from Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland. The horizon on this one is a little off kilter…

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The Pigman Wraps & Editing Begins

The Pigman wraps after being shot over 5 days. Filming began 12th May and wrapped on the 16th May. It was a great little shoot and now the hard part of editing begins. Check out the photos on the Facebook page [fbalbum url=]

Pigman Reference

Pigman Character Below is a pig mask available on ebay that is similar to the look but too eveil looking. The sketch is a simple sketch which shows more of the emotional side to the character. The pigman should have the actors eyes and mouth, but will have the snout and ears and other features of…

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The Shift Recce

The Shift short film recce in Brixton. Need to work out blocking of Characters. Possible idea to create a timelapse of customers coming in and out of cafe at beginning of film. Click on gallery image below to open full screen mode [envira-gallery id=”178″]  

Crew Call

Short film with small cast & crew, filming 3/4 days between 11th ~ 17th May 2015. Filming will take place in Rostrevor, Co. Down in the village and also at a location up in the Mourne Mountains. Catering will be provided and accommodation if needed. More jobs may be posted here in future so please…

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